Who was Andy Ludlow?

Andy Ludlow

The London Homelessness Awards: in memory of Andy Ludlow, recognise innovative work and projects that tackle homelessness in London and beyond. But who was Andy Ludlow, the man in whose honour the awards were named?

Andy Ludlow was a director of housing and social services at Haringey Council.  Andy was a pioneer in developing a ‘holistic’ approach to housing and social services in his borough. He also believed in bringing services to the people, rather than making them travel to get them.

Just before he was to move from Haringey to be director of housing at Enfield Council, he died suddenly of a brain haemorrhage at only 51. Andy was much loved and renowned for his commitment to local residents and for treating people with dignity. His funeral was attended by 1,000 people.

The Andy Ludlow Legacy

After he died, London's housing directors set up the Andy Ludlow Homelessness Awards as a lasting legacy and testament to his tireless work in the homeless sector. Since 1999 the Andy Ludlow Homelessness Awards have been run by London Councils and each year they go from strength to strength. From 2015, the awards will be known as 'The London Homelessness Awards: in memory of Andy Ludlow'.